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Tanya Carrum

Miss Tanya Carrum was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She has been singing professionally for more than 20 years, throughout Mexico, including Mexico City, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen.

She was a featured artist in musical theater, including a repertoire of Broadway shows, in some of the largest hotels in The Mayan Riviera.

Since relocating to Mazatlan in 2011, Tanya has performed at several venues throughout the Gold Zone, sings in several languages - English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.


After a chance meeting at a concert in early 2012, Brenster and Miss Carrum became more than friends, and collaborators, and as they say, "The rest is history." Their infectious admiration for one another and their individual talents, is obvious both on and off the stage.

Singing duets from all genres, The Brenster and Carrum Show covers everything from pop, blues, jazz, country and rock, in both Spanish and English. After only one season performing together, they were honoured with the Mazzie Award for Best Musicians of the Year.

Known as Mazatlan's Dynamic Vocal Duo, The Brenster and Carrum Show is now recognized as one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Mazatlan!


    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best Musician of the Year

    SOMBRERO BLANCO 2012/2013
    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best Entertainers

    SOMBRERO BLANCO 2012/2013
    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best Singer



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